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19 August 2014

Aurora Springer

What genre/s do you write in? Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Why do you write? Mostly, I write because it is fun and addictive. I have imagined adventures in new worlds for as long as I can remember. In my childhood, I was a voracious reader, and wrote poetry and short stories. So, I have been writing for many years, but only recently (2014) started self-publishing my novels. My novels include romance and, ideally, humor. The heroines are strong, active participants. My first full length novel, The Lady is Blue, addresses serious issues such as class, politics, and hormonal cycles and includes science.

Planner or Pantser?An interesting question! As a scientist I am trained to plan logically, but the other side of my brain emerges when I compose fiction. Often I have an idea with the start and end. Once I have an idea or character(s), the scenes sometimes pop into my head, or evolve from putting the characters and concepts together.

Where can we find you? I live in Atlanta, GA, USA. My online sites are:
Blog: AuroraSpringerNovels.blogspot.com
Email: aurora.r.springer@gmail.com
Facebook: Aurora Springer
Twitter: @AuroraSpringer

Upcoming releases? I am close to finishing a work titled: A Tale of Two Colonies.

Latest release? Dragons of Vkani, which visits a planet, a thousand years after a nuclear holocaust. This is the sequel to The Lady is Blue.

Previous releases? 
The Lady is Blue Book 1 in the series Atrapako on Eden. These novels star the Atrapako, a race with scales in colors representing their class, claws, crests, and an annual mating cycle.
Dragons of Vkani, which visits a planet, a thousand years after a nuclear holocaust. The sequel to The Lady is Blue.
The Wizard Strange A children’s/young adult fantasy novella.

What are you working on now? There is a comic space opera with an interstellar spy and a pirate, and a sci-fi with a shifter, and later, probably another in the series Atrapako on Eden.

Personal Bio: I was born in the UK and have a PhD in molecular biophysics. I live with my husband, a dog and two cats in Atlanta, GA, USA. We have two sons at university. In “real” life, I am a professor with a research lab and many scientific articles. Good scientists and novelists share creative minds and stubborn persistence, despite adversity. My novels allow me to express humor and a wild imagination, while exploring serious problems with weird new characters and worlds. My published works include two science fiction romance novels and a short sweet fantasy story.

TM Hunter

Who are you? By day, I design airplanes for a jet manufacturer...by night (and any other chance I get), I design entire worlds usually focused on my space pirate Aston West. I've had many stories published over the years, and currently have four novels, a novella, and several short story collections out there for public consumption.

What genre/s do you write in? I mainly stick to science fiction space opera novels and short stories, though my novel THE CURE ended up being a science fiction thriller.

Why do you write? I write because there are stories begging to be told, and I'm the one to tell them.

Planner or Pantser? I generally plan out my novels and short stories. It doesn't mean they always stick to the plan, but I like to think I have a good idea where things are going from the time I start a project.

Where can we find you? I'm on Twitter (@astonwest), Facebook (The Aston West Universe) and on the web (AstonWest.com).

Upcoming release? Here in a few months, I'll have one of my Aston West tales featured in Ray Gun Chronicles anthology (a tribute to the late Ray Gun Revival magazine), and hopefully I'll have another Triple-Shot (three-story Aston West collection) coming out as well. I'm currently working on another Aston West novella Fallen, which I'd like to say is releasing soon, but we'll see...

Latest release? My latest release is the third Aston West novel in-the-series, Death Brings Victory, where Aston teams up with his old friend Rione Sc'lari to try and put an end to the Torian civil war once and for all.

Previous releases? I now have three in-the-series Aston West novels, Heroes Die Young and Friends in Deed (and of course Death Brings Victory which I mentioned above). Seeker is my standalone Aston West novella. A little bit about those three is listed below. And of course, many short stories all over the web (links can be found on my site), not counting my short story collections, including the 11-story feature Dead or Alive. And for those who just aren't into space pirates, I have my novel The Cure (also described below).
Heroes Die Young: Aston stumbles across a derelict freighter and is drawn into the intrigue surrounding its fate as well as the ship's beautiful, yet mysterious Captain.
Friends in Deed: Betrayed by former friends, Aston must face his past, and keep himself alive long enough to escape.
Seeker: Aston's faced the law many times, but now they have a secret weapon, a mind-invader that could bring him down for good.
The Cure: After her husband and daughter are murdered in cold blood, scientist Mila Groso makes it her mission to find a cure for death itself.

What are you working on now? I'm currently working on three projects. First is a collaboration with Lyndon Perry that's almost as far from Aston West as you can get. I'm also trying to finish up a new Aston novella "Fallen" and my fourth Aston novel Resurrection.

Personal Bio: As a writer of science fiction, T. M. Hunter’s short stories have appeared in such publications as Ray Gun Revival, Residential Aliens and Golden Visions Magazine, and have received critical acclaim, twice receiving a top ten finish in the P&E Readers Poll. He currently has two novels with Burst Books, Heroes Die Young (Best-Selling Novel of 2008) and Friends in Deed. He also has a short story collection, Dead or Alive, with ResAliens Press. His other titles include his novella Seeker, a sci-fi thriller The Cure, and the first Aston West Triple-Shot (three-story collection) featuring “Dead Man’s Forge” and other adventures. Learn more about T. M. Hunter and read plenty of free excerpts and short stories at AstonWest.com. You can also follow him on Twitter (@astonwest) and join his Facebook fan page (The Aston West Universe).

TK Toppin

Who are you? T.K. Toppin

What genre/s do you write in? Science Fiction, but I would like to cross over into Fantasy.

Why do you write? To me, writing is a form of self-expression. As an artist, I've different ways to do that, through painting or drawings, even doodles. Besides, the people crowding my brain needed a way out...

Planner or Pantser? Planner.

Where can we find you? You can find everything about me on my blog T.K. Toppin.
I have two Facebook pages: The Lancaster Rule • Written By T.K. Toppin
You can also find me on Twitter: @TKToppin

Latest release? The Eternal Knot (Book 3 of the Lancaster Series), available from Amazon.

Previous releases?
The Master Key (Book 2 of the Lancaster Series), available from Amazon.
The Lancaster Rule (Book 1 of the Lancaster Series), available from Amazon.

What are you working on now?
I'm currently working of a couple of full lengths as well as several short stories, some of which are for the To Catch A Marlin series.

Personal Bio: T.K. Toppin was born and raised in Barbados, and it is where she calls home. She is the published author of four SFR (Science Fiction Romance) novels and short stories. The Lancaster Rule, her debut novel and its sequels, The Master Key and The Eternal Knot, are available from Champagne Books Group. In July 2012, she signed on with Ring of Fire Publishing to release the To Catch A Marlin novels and short stories.

Sue Ann Bowling

Who are you? Sue Ann Bowling

What genre/s do you write in? Science Fiction. I also do a certain amount of nonfiction, mostly popular science, for my blog, and have written a number of serious scientific papers.

Why do you write? The stories are in my head and writing them down helps get them out so they quit bothering me.

Planner or Pantser? My stories are generally worked out in my head before I write anything down, but I don’t outline or anything, and sometimes when I start writing them down the story (or the character) just takes over. I do generally know where I’m going.

Where can we find you? Physically, I’ve lived in the Fairbanks area of Alaska for almost 50 years, and moved to North Pole about 12 years ago. On line, I’m on Twitter @sueannbowling, have a blog at 'Homecoming' blog, an author website at Homecoming - Sue Ann Bowling, and a Facebook page at SueAnnBowlingAuthor with lots of interesting bits of science. If you ever visit Alaska, look me up.

Upcoming Releases? I’ve written a trilogy with many of the same non-aging characters as Homecoming and Tourist Trap, and descendants of some of the human characters. The first of the three, Rescue Operation, is in the hands of my editor. I’m looking for a title for the second book, since the working title (Horizon War) really applies to the whole trilogy, and the third book, War’s End, has a scene currently being posted six sentences at a time to Six Sentence Sunday. I’m also working on formatting a short, “Horse Power,” I plan to self-publish and offer free or at minimum price, set between the current books and the trilogy.

Latest Release? Tourist Trap. Both Homecoming and Tourist Trap received five star reviews from ForeWord Clarion, and Tourist Trap was named Fiction Book of the year in the Reader Views contest.

Personal Bio: I was born in Connecticut, grew up in Kansas, earned a BA in physics at Harvard, and received my MA and PhD in geophysics (great for world-building) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I was on the faculty of the Geophysical Institute (UAF) until about 14 years ago when I retired. I began writing down the stories in my head before I retired, and finally published the first two. Three more are written and now in the editing process. I’m still up in the air on self publishing, assisted self publishing, small press or trying to get an agent. A sixth book is started, and the posts I am putting on SFFS started out as a book two of the characters in that sixth book, which is set some 10,000 years before Homecoming, are studying and comparing with their respective Holy Books, both of which are remotely derived from Jarn’s Journal.

SA Check

Who are you? S.A. Check

What genre/s do you write in? Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Adventure

Why do you write? There are worlds outside of our perceptions. Places where magic is alive and heroes find homes. An escape from the harsh reality of living and a corner where our imaginations are kept safeguarded. What is a portal other than a conduit, the turn of a page, letting go of the rules to believe in something we’re otherwise taught can’t exist. We’ve all allowed ourselves to become lost in a book, a story, a movie and let that reality become our own, even for the briefest of times. It’s there, in those small moments that we allow fantasy to reflect into reality, that as authors we are given the privilege of building worlds to capture a reader’s imagination and attempt to hold on long enough to leave them with something more than when they started. And if it can change a perception or add to a perspective, then we’ve accomplished something worthwhile.

Planner or Panster? I love to outline. I enjoy it and write up some mad freehand notes while I do it. Computers are great and I’m certainly never giving up my laptop but the outlining process is the one time in the evolution of a story that I feel I gain more from sitting down and penning out where I want my book to go. I can draw arrows and scribble notes in margins and feel the process more organically when I hand write my ideas. All that said, I certainly never let myself become a slave to the outline and during the writing process, if I feel the story is pushing itself in another direction, I gladly follow.

Where can we find you? Feel free to friend me on
Facebook: S.A. Check
Blog: S A Check
Twitter: @s_a_check
Goodreads: S A Check
Google +: S.A. Check

Upcoming releases? My sci-fi/fantasy/adventure, Welcome To GreenGrass, is coming out December of 2013 via Necro Publications/Bedlam Press – www.necropublications.com

Latest release? I contributed a short story, Tangled Lines, to a charity anthology, Hazard Yet Forward, available at Amazon.

Personal Bio: S.A. Check lives and writes from south-western PA. A product of a coal patch town that filled the days of his youth with adventures exploring abandoned mine shafts, swimming in ponds, and having winter bonfires in desolated coke ovens. When he was eleven, on a metal rack in the lawn and garden section of a local supermarket, he discovered comic books. It was in the pages of these illustrated short tales that he became fascinated with the heroic and absurd and inadvertently began learning about story arcs and characterization, cliff hangers and conundrums. Novels were soon to follow. The wonderful worlds of Robert Aspirin and Terry Pratchett fueled a desire to create worlds of his own and stayed with him while earning an English/Writing degree at Penn State University. Eventually the tales he cherished from his youth found their way back to his desire to give something to readers, a small difference in a big world.