14 November 2012

SFFS 17/11/2012

Welcome to this week's round of SFFS snippets. Sign up, and then enjoy the read on Saturday!

Please ensure that you do the following:
  1. Have the blog post live by 6 am GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Work it out if you're in a different time zone.
  2. Make the SFFS blog post clearly identifiable to readers (e.g. use "SFFS" in the heading, or some variant). It is preferable that the link you post to this list leads directly to the blog post, so that readers do not have to play 'hunt-the-snippet'.
  3. Do not post anything else on your blog for at least 24 hours after posting the SFFS blog post.
  4. Keep the snippet's length to ten sentences or less. Otherwise it's no longer a snippet.
  5. For those of you on twitter, the twitter hashtag is #sffsat.

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